Advisory & Consulting

Hunter & Associates is a group of consultative accountants whose skills are used to drive organizations to constantly improve. We look out the windshield, not the rear view mirror.

At Hunter & Associates, we know that the greatest wealth-producing vehicle is an entrepreneurial enterprise. The second best wealth producing vehicle is a continuously improving entrepreneurial enterprise that engages competent counselors.

 Our advisory services include:


Business Transition & Exit Planning

Our Hunter Consulting affiliate is part of ROCG, an international consulting firm that helps owners of small and medium-sized businesses start, grow and exit. ROCG specializes in the areas of strategy, finance, operations and business exit planning for privately owned and family businesses.

As Business Exit & Transition Specialists, we do much more than just guide the exit from the company. Owners often find themselves pulled in many directions, given advice from many different sources and ultimately do not spend enough time implementing strategies the business desperately needs.

Our proprietary roadmap helps business owners control their destinies by planning their businesses proactively, implementing change consistently, and more importantly, by building business value. By working exclusively with owners of small to medium-sized enterprises over the past decade, ROCG has developed a unique understanding of the dynamics and psychology of owner-managed companies and what it takes to drive results even in the most difficult circumstances.

ROCG achieves these results by assisting owners with viewing and running their companies the way an investor would. We work alongside business owners to re-energize the business model, define what they need from the company to support their personal and financial needs, and set the milestones accordingly to ensure everyone works with the end goal in mind.

Whether you are looking to start a business, grow it, or exit from it, ROCG can help you successfully transition your company from one phase to the next! Learn more at
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RAN ONE Advisory Services

Hunter Consulting belongs to RAN ONE, an international network of business advisory firms. RAN ONE's experts have consulting and coaching experience in the areas of business strategy, marketing, finance and operations. As RAN ONE advisors, we also use proprietary software to diagnose clients' issues. The result is a comprehensive resource devised to take your business to the next level.Request information about RAN-ONE-Advisory-Services below


Financial Consulting

Hunter Consulting can help you:

  • * Implement financial controls to improve accountability
  • * Conduct a valuation of your business or potential acquisition candidates
  • * Prepare a succession plan
  • * Improve cash management processes
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Operations Consulting

Hunter Consulting can help you:

  • * Track and forecast company performance
  • * Expand into new markets
  • * Launch new products and services
  • * Conduct an activities audit
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Organizational Consulting

Hunter Consulting can help you:

  • * Improve your organizational design and processes
  • * Build a customer-focused culture
  • * Attract, develop and retain quality people
  • * Develop an environment that nurtures innovation and productivity
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Strategy Consulting

Hunter Consulting can help you:

  • * Evaluate and develop your business strategy in the market
  • * Identify and respond to competitive threats
  • * Attract new customers and increase sales among existing customers
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Entity Selection and Restructuring

Your business entity has a large impact on your taxes and other liabilities. From your company's inception through its growth and development, Hunter & Associates, P.A. can advise you on choosing an entity type and later restructuring if advantageous. With our knowledge and expertise, you will always be receiving the most advantageous entity type for the functions your business performs.

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Debt and Finance Advising

Whether your needs are corporate or personal, Hunter & Associates, P.A.'s professionals can assist you in sorting out the different options available for debt management and financing that will lower your payments and/or reduce the total amount of interest paid. Re-balancing your debts can also result in tax deduction savings. Even if you are able to handle the payments and the amounts of your current debts, our expertise may be able to save you money and/or lower your payments.

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Mergers Acquisitions and Sales

Business transactions and transitions are complicated affairs, and whether you're buying, selling, or considering a potential merger, Hunter & Associates, P.A. can provide professional know-how to help you successfully structure and negotiate the deal. Hunter & Associates, P.A. employs careful analysis and due diligence to determine a fair asking price, pinpoint the most favorable tax structures, evaluate financial and cash flow impact, and assess compatible business functions and tactics. Expanding or contracting your business is a huge undertaking. With our expert advice, you can make the right business decisions for your business for optimum success.

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