Agile Management Consulting

Does this sound like your firm?

  • Profits evaporate with write-offs.
  • Projects start but don’t finish.
  • Nobody will work differently.

Entrepreneurs, particularly architects and engineers, must maintain proficiency in their technical skills while managing their businesses efficiently.
This challenge often requires them to do more work in less time—without sacrificing quality. Agile management can help them do so.
Agile organizations complete 80 percent of their projects successfully (on time, within budget and meeting original goals) versus 60 percent for their slower-moving counterparts, according to the Project Management Institute’s 2016 Pulse of the Profession® report.
Agile management accelerates projects by fostering collaboration, flexibility and responsiveness.

  • Competitive positioning improves.
  • Customer satisfaction increases.
  • Profits expand.

A business doesn’t need vast resources to benefit from agile management because its effectiveness emanates from the quality of the principles applied rather than the quantity of resources deployed. It positions teams for success by breaking projects into small parts.
As certified agile management experts, Hunter & Associates advisors help small and medium-sized businesses create the organizational and cultural changes needed to succeed.
We can help you overcome obstacles like:

  • Bureaucratic malaise;
  • Departmental silos; and
  • Leadership vacuums.

We create agile organizations by helping clients cultivate characteristics like the following.

  • Adaptability
  • Customer-centricity
  • Empowerment
  • Openness
  • Willingness

Specializing in assisting transportation consultants, we ingrain traits like the systematic questioning of routines and identification of opportunities. We also integrate concepts like scrum and sprint, through which an agile environment that enhances teamwork and efficiency springs.

We also help clients develop and implement change management and risk management processes, which are two crucial components of agile management, according to an organizational agility report from the Project Management Institute. Change management reduces the effects of external changes while risk management mitigates threats to organizational success.

Agile Management Consulting Services
Hunter & Associates customizes its assistance to meet clients’ needs but common services include the following.

  • Change management. Team members are more willing to embrace change when they know how it will benefit from them personally by helping the organization holistically. We help you help them.
  • Leadership development. Engage employees by providing them a clear vision to pursue and empowering them to help the business attain its goals. 
  • Project management. Identify, train and equip project managers who will deliver work on time, within budget and to clients’ satisfaction.
  • Process improvement. Optimize workflows by using agile management principles to accomplish more work in less time.
  • Risk management. Minimize exposure to external and internal threats by recognizing and preparing for them in advance of their possible occurrence.

Agile management helps businesses earn more by doing less—at a time. Improving processes by breaking projects into smaller parts increases efficiency by focusing effort on the most achievable, meaningful and rewarding work.

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