Government Contractors

Winning Government Contracts

Compete more effectively for government sales by preparing better proposals. Hunter & Associates assists you in marketing to the government by supporting you in the proposal process.
Price your proposal to win, and rest assured that your costs are covered. Our government contracting specialists calculate a project's total cost by pulling together all of the components, accounting for such factors as GSA labor categories, per diems, travel, materials and overhead.

Contact us today if any of these apply to you:

– Takes too long to prepare your pricing proposal.

Solution – Hunter & Associates prepares a technically adequate submission so that you can concentrate on other parts of your proposal.

Challenge – You are not sure if your pricing proposal is accurate. You fear you may lose money if you under price and win. You also worry that you will not get the contract if you overestimate.

Solution – Hunter & Associates calculates your true project costs in accordance with your pricing strategy.

Challenge – You do not know how to demonstrate that you can finance the work that you are bidding on until you are reimbursed.

Solution – Hunter & Associates assesses your bonding capacity and helps you secure pre-project financing.

Our CFO solutions for government contractors include:

  • Pricing volume preparation and review
  • Forward pricing rate calculation
  • Bonding capacity assessment
  • Surety and banking consulting
  • Financial position analysis
  • Cash flow projections
  • Contracts-in-process schedules
  • Cost records
  • Bank line of credit support

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