Why Employees Misuse Company Funds


Theft takes many forms. Individuals can steal one another’s heart. They can steal possessions, such as cars. Identity theft is a growing problem. Trivial matters can steal time. Although many individuals don’t regard misusing company assets as theft, it is a form of stealing, that along with employee theft, costs American businesses millions, if not billions, of dollars every year.

There are dozens of ways of misappropriating business funds, from taking company supplies for personal use to falsifying expense reports or hours worked to skimming cash. While these may seem like minor infractions for relatively small amounts, they can add up over time.

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Overhead Rate Audits Explained


What is a FAR overhead rate?

Technically known as a firm's "indirect cost rate," the more familiarly known "overhead rate" is the percentage of general expenses that consultants can bill to contracting government agencies. More specifically, it is the ratio of allowable indirect costs to total allocable direct labor costs.

What does a FAR overhead rate include?

Overhead is the sum of a firm’s indirect costs. A firm’s FAR overhead rate is the ratio of indirect costs to direct labor costs, based upon provisions in the Federal Acquisition Regulation and Cost Accounting Standards.

Why do I need it audited?

Government agencies base reimbursements to firms on their audited FAR overhead rates.

What are the requirements for receiving reimbursement from a government agency?

A/E firms must prove that costs are allowable, reasonable and allocable, per the provisions for contracts with commercial organizations detailed in FAR 31.2. 

What are management's responsibilities in an overhead rate audit?

Management "bears the sole responsibility for identifying, segregating, and removing unallowable costs from all billings to Government contracts," according to the AASHTO Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide to government transportation contracts.

Where can I get more information?

The AASHTO Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide (2012 Edition) prepared by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is the leading source of information related to indirect cost rate schedules and overhead audits.

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